6 Reasons to Choose Vayana GSP Solution

GST Suvidha Provider

The GST ecosystem is built with the GSPs (GST Suvidha Providers) as the backbone. They support the ecosystem by not laying the foundation with strong technology; but also by being the entities that hand hold tax payers and making the adjustment to the new system a little easier.

That is the precise reason why you need to choose your GSP well. While you consider your options, here are a few reasons why we believe we might be the right choice.


6 Reasons why Vayana Network stands out as a GST Suvidha Provider


ISO 27001:2013 is the highest information security management certificate that the ISO provides. ISO is an international body that investigates the processes of a company to understand if they maintain international standards and are prepared for continuous improvement of their processes to ensure better service for their customers. While the GSTN and Indian Finance Ministry has now asked for all GSPs undergo an ISO audit, we are among the first few who are already certified.

PCI DSS certification is handed out to organizations that maintain set security standards by the PSI Security Council to ensure customer information security during an online payment.


Our servers automatically increase its capability to ensure that even when there is a rise in traffic, there is no delay in transmission of return filing data for any of our customers.

Redundancy and Technology

We have enabled multi-location data centers with servers that are capable of automatically increasing capacity. With increase in traffic, they connect to the GSTN through MPLS that detect any cracks in the line themselves and adjust to an alternative pathway to ensure delivery. We have also enabled a Disaster Recovery server to ensure no return filing data is lost in case of an emergency. In case the need for a disaster recovery occurs, we also have a solution in place that tells us exactly when data transmission failed (to identify the exact point where data transmission stopped) and how quickly the systems need to be brought back up.

This allows us to maintain a running systems 24×7 and the confidence to commit to a 99.5% uptime in a Service Level Agreement.


The GSTN does not allow GSPs to store data. And we take this mandate very seriously. At no point, during the transfer we save your return filing details.

Portability & Interoperability

Our technology is built on the standardized guidelines set by the GSTN. This allows for our customers to switch to and from our services without any barriers. The decision is yours.


We have built our legacy as a service provider for the last 8 years on the strength of our technological capabilities have 99.5% up time.


Vayana Network helps businesses and their trade partners capture their entire receivable and payable trades electronically and finance through banks and financial institutions. We have been providing simplified trade finance solutions and electronic invoice reconciliation to our customers for the last 8 years; and it is this expertise that we bring to the table as a GSP in the new GST ecosystem that is now the future of our country.

Pick your GSP now and pick well!

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