How To Verify If A Business Is GST Registered?

A business that is not registered under GST cannot charge GST Every industry in our nation today scrambles to make adaptations to the billing format dictated by the GSTN. This phase of adaptation demands that along with the businesses even…

The GST Network and how it can make a difference to you!

GST Network

GST was implemented on the 1st of July and the migration along with the first return filing are underway right now. How much do you really know about the GST Network? And how well do you understand it? Can you…

GST FAQs Answered – Transition and Technology


GST regime was implemented a month back now. And there are still some questions that need to be answered. In this blog, we attempt to bring clarity to GST compliance by explaining the transition and the role that technology plays….

GST FAQs Answered: An Introduction


It has been about a month since the roll out of GST. Yet, there are still many unanswered questions with regards to GST ecosystem, procedures, migration, return filing and the role of technology. This series is our attempt to answer…

GST FAQs Answered: How does GST work?


Among the many questions being asked today, post the roll out of GST on the 1st of July, the most basic yet important question to understand is how GST works first. In this blog, we try to understand this question….

GST FAQs Answered: How to Migrate to GST

GST migration, GST transition

Post the roll out of GST on 1st of July, the immediate action organisations need to take is migration to the GSTN network. In this blog, we run through the process of GST migration in a step wise format.  …

GST FAQs Answered: How is technology related to GST?

GST, technology

There have been various questions regarding the role that technology is set to play in the new GST regime. Among them is the question, “Why is the right technology of such great importance?” In this blog, we attempt to elaborate…

Vayana Network Raises $4 Million From IDG Ventures and Jungle Ventures

Funding, GST, Trade finance

Pune. July 13, 2017. Pune based Vayana Network received Series A funding of USD 4 million from IDG Ventures and Jungle Ventures. This follows an earlier round of investment in the company by Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Ltd (RIIHL)…

12 Things About GST That You Must Know

It has been 20 days since the implementation of GST. It has impacted the price that we pay for goods that are a part of our daily lives. But how much do we really know about GST? This infographic below…