GST compliance: Why cloud solutions are set to be clear favourite with enterprises

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While on premise solutions struggle to catch up, cloud based solutions are being preferred by many organisations.


The most basic of difference between an on-premise and cloud solution is that on-premise solutions are usually found and built on a user’s computer whereas a cloud solution is typically hosted somewhere else and accessed to the internet. And the authorised technology providers who enable GST compliance, expect a rise in the number of organisations that will prefer cloud solutions to on-premise simply for its flexibility and cost effectiveness. “Pay-per-use is gaining traction among customers, which is further helped by improving connectivity,” Sanjay Phadke, head-GST at Vayana Network said to Financial Express. He added that with storage cost gradually coming down, businesses would consider cloud solutions more favourably.

Apart from the cost benefits, it has also been seen that organisations with on-premise solutions are having to struggle a bit more to make the GST return filing format changes that those that have opted to go the cloud way. While such challenges have been comparatively fewer with cloud based solutions.

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